Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mysteries Solved #3 - Mystery Bush

My 'Mystery Bush': Burroweed

I have almost identified everything that is a plant of any kind in my yard. I have some grasses to properly identify, and a few little bushes. Here's one of them.
EDIT: and I have identified this, now. Answer at the bottom.

This plant surrounding the cholla
up close of the leaves
up close of the empty used-to-be-seeds

For a long time, there was no positive ID. I had hopes that the Tucson Backyard gardeners might come through for me again, but it took us all a while! At first, there were these suggestions.

San Felipe Dogweed (Adenophyllum) was suggested, but the leaves don't seem right. (

Doesn't seem to be broom snakeweed(Gutierrezia sarothrae).  The leaves are all wrong for that, too. (

Same for Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus paniculatus) on the leaves not matching, at least in shape. (

Also not Turpentine Bush(Asteraceae Family, Ericameria laricifolia), either - leaves are also wrong in arrangement here, too, and size seems quite different

But then, finally, the Tucson gardening group rocks again!

This looks like it's Isocoma tenuisecta, or burroweed/burro weed. Synonyms possibly: Haplopappus tenuisectusAplopappus tenuisectus  Poisonous to eat, or even have milk from cow's that eat it, ouch!
reference -

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